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Can We Remove A Low Rating


I was just curious if anyone knew if we, as sellers, could remove a bad review from our page? I did some great work for an individual, but they did not rate me on those, just rated me a 1 on the one that I could not complete due to a death in the family.

I completely believe that the ratings should be there, but wish the reason behind the failure to complete could be seen. Thanks everyoone


Once a Rating/Review has been submitted, it can only be modified by the Buyer themselves and only under 48 hours.

Even if you remove the gig RELATED to the order, it will remain on your profile.

Customer support cannot assist in this matter, UNLESS, it was an act of revenge/threat FROM the buyer, where their sole intention was to defame you.

Hope this helps!


I would also like to be able to update a review as a buyer. My designer did a great job, but I didn’t get a chance to do a great review until my order auto-closed.


@kristylord You have a very short window (generally up to 48hrs) to do so, once the order has been ACCEPTED.

You can try contacting Customer Support to see if they will assist you regarding this matter.


Order Cancelled! is an auto-order. You’re pretty much stuck with it UNLESS you can convince the seller to re-order, deliver super fast awesome work then show evidence to CS that the review is unfair as the client is happy with it. Sorry about your loss.

Seems a bit unfair that they left all the completed work unrated and they chose to slam you for one undelivered one. A curious insight into the mind of a spiteful buyer…


REview message can remove anybody by removing GIG, but never removing STARS*


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@notjustamom You can remove any bad or low rating by mutual cancellation only if the buyer accepts your mutual cancellation request!




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I am afraid you can not remove it.


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I’m facing same issue, You can refund the buyer.


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