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Can we remove current bank account and add a new one for bank transfer withdraw?

I want to add a new bank account for my bank transfer withdrawal. Can I remove the first bank account and will add a new one? Please suggest someone for a solution or correct info !!


I think you need discuss with fiverr customer support, and fiverr support can give you best solution


I’m trying to do the same thing. I’ve deleted my previous bank account and added a new one from payoneer, I’ve also contacted fiverr support and we deleted my payoneer account. Right now I’m trying to connect the same payoneer account but I couldn’t do it because the fiverr funding source is still connected to my payoneer account. I submitted an inqury about that to fiverr and we’ll see what will happen.

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No worries brother, I hope everything goes well !!!

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Looks like customer support is the best solution but I want someone suggest to me who’s already dealt with this type of bank account issue.

Thanks for suggest your opinion!!

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you need to contact with both bank and fiverr too for removal from the system with solid reason.

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Thanks markauther for your suggestion !!!

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