Can we report people Steeling your Gig Images?


Hi as I’m new to Fiverr on level one 1. I had created some gigs and used Shutterstock images within days my Gig appear on 8 to 9th row. During all this I have seen so many of them had used my Images as these are the paid one. Is there any way to report them for copying my Images.


How can you prove they don’t own the rights to those images if they are Stock Photos, ergo available for everybody to buy? :thinking:


I think it does not matter if you applied your unique effect to this image. (I guess you are a graphic designer)

If you are exhibiting your unique special effect with that image, nobody can use it except you, but if it appears as the original state, everyone can use.


yes, you can report to customer support. But at first contact the seller for Remove the image, If he doesn’t remove then you can contact customer support. Hope Fiverr support team will take an action.


Yes you Have Right’s . Just Contact Customer Support and tell them they will Review That Gig and will inform you. Thanks


Before you contact CS note that this can go anyway. CS might find you guilty or find the other party guilty… You have added a level badge to your images. That is a no no


Also, CS might be able to help you with your location problem - it doesn’t seem to match your time zone. :slight_smile: