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Can We run two Fiverr account on same PC ? [ARCHIVED]

Hello everyone ,

i have one question that can we work on 2 fiverr account using same pc ?
I’m not doing something wrong i want to just experiment on each category using new account.



Hello, you can only have one fiverr account.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two accounts since in the end you’ll look for a way to withdraw money to your p.aypal account or your credit card then you’ll need two ppl accounts or two cards you’ll find yourself with real troubles & it will cost you more for transaction to your p.aypal so one account will cost less.

On the other hand, I suggest that you create separates gigs for each service just use ‘’ banners, different colors images for each gig…’’ to separate them.

hope this helps.


Fiverr’s Terms of Service strictly forbid multiple accounts; if you have more than one account, all of them could get banned.


Talk to Customer Support. Yes, you can, but it could lead to problems. Create a paper trail of ‘sure’ first. Fiverr generally frowns upon it, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hy dear country mate! Just work hard on one account and it will be a day that you would hardly manage one account due to increasing number of orders. Believe me it just happened to me :slight_smile:


You right .! actually now i’m thinking about this :smiley:

you can only have one fiverr account.

fiverr Only Allow 1 account

When You are Working on fiverr than First READ & FOLLOW all TOS of
That`s it.