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Can we see if our messages have been read?

Is there a way to check if the messages you sent to a buyer (via fiverr inbox) were read or not? I have sent several messages in regard to one of my gigs, and have long been waiting for a response. It would be good for me to know if my potential buyers have moved on, so that I can concentrate on other things.

Thank you!

If you have not received a response move on. It means they are not interested.

I support this suggestion. This feature can be useful!

Definitely useful!

Not for me.

I don’t like the idea of buyers being able to dictate my response time.

“Hi, I sent you a message 3 hours ago that you have already read, so can you respond?”

Smart idea and useful, just like MySpace!

-FiverGraphics5 (

Reply to @misscrystal: Thanks!