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Can we sellers read a buyer's feedback?

Can we sellers read a buyer’s feedback before deciding to do business with them? I don’t see a way to do this with the current website configuration, but there are some difficult and pushy buyers out there whom I would rather not work with, even at the cost of having my cancellation ratio dinged. I would like to read the writing on the wall from the other sellers.

If not, then who reads the feedback we are asked to leave regarding a buyer? Only the buyer? Fiverr staff? In my last feedback, I made note of the pushy threats that buyer made in the course of our transaction.

One of the ways to get info on a buyer before engaging is to do a search in Google like this: space and the name of the buyer xxxxxx

I did this for your recent buyer with the first initial h and received a lot of info.

Hope this helps.


P.S Some unsolicited advice…I encourage you to not leave negative or perceived negative commentary in your feedback…especially for buyers who have given you a Thumbs Up. It doesn’t really benefit anyone and can actually hurt you. Imagine what you would think if you went to a restaurant and the waiter spent time venting about a previous customer before you placed your order.

Most times, I leave detailed feedback concerning what I liked about my buyer. Things like:

I appreciate or Thanks for :

  • being well prepared
  • timely communication
  • clear communication
  • being decisive
  • being professional
  • providing organized content
  • understanding how Fiverr works


    I think of my feedback as a way of letting potential buyers know what I value and need in order to provide good service to them. Secondarily, I also want potential buyers to get an overall positive feel for me and the way I communicate through the feedback I leave.

    Bottom line and to alter a cliche - just for Fiverr.

    “If you can’t say anything positive, say something POSITIVE!”

betterbiztools…should there not be an easier way for us sellers to see the feedback that a buyer has received? Do you not favor a level playing field where we can easily and transparently see others’ experience with a buyer before we decide to do business with them?

Reply to @wheelthepeople: Yeah I’ve always been for complete profiles for both sellers and buyers so we could see a buyer’s history/feedback but Fiverr hasn’t caught on yet.

Reply to @wheelthepeople: Of course, I wish it were easier. I’m also optimistic that Fiverr will improve it. But what I suggested is the only way I know so far. Hopefully, someone can chime in with a better solution.