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Can we send our Gig Link to Someone who asks for it?


Today i received this violation message. And i am confused what and where i may have violated. So i have noted down what ever i have done that might be the issue behing the violation, so i know about it and don’t repeat it.

To create a fun and pleasant experience for our community, we ask that you do not send messages to other users promoting/offering one of your Fiverr Gigs, service, or website. Our message tool is aimed at connecting buyers and sellers using our platform, but spamming other community members will not be tolerated. If you are interested in purchasing a specific service, feel free to use our message system to reach out to sellers.

  1. I had sent gig link to anyone who had enquired about my additional services, although i tell them to check out my profile but some says they didn’t find and i have to send them my gig link.

  2. Upon Delivery. I also recommend my other gigs which buyers can benefit from on delivery message.

I am looking for suggestions that where could have i violated the rules.

As i couldn’t figure out which might be the violation, so i thought to take help with the community.

Thank you so much.