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Can we share a cover letter that brought a reply in "Buyer Request" seciton?


I have offered so many custom gigs with a customized cover letter to buyer’s request. Very few of them got a reply. Most of them are with so long showcase of skills and descriptions of how I can help him/her on the project. I have found short paragraphs could grab buyer’s attention. Another thing that makes buyer reply is addressing their name. Here I am adding both buyer’s request and cover letter that brought in a buyer. If you are interested, please share yours as well. I think this way we can have a research on getting new deals.

Buyer’s Request:
I’m looking for a designer to create a stylish, business like flyer/poster that will be used for both digital and print to help promote an ongoing training event I am looking to promote.

My Reply:
Hello (Buyer’s Name),
I am a graphics designer and writing this letter to express my interest in this flyer and poster design. It will look nice. Please write me back to see my past works or have a small interview.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Hedayet Saadi


Really? THIS is your competitive selling point? :roll_eyes:


Maybe I should add more attractive points. But offering just it, I got his reply and sold twice. He is still happy and I hope he will buy more in future. I wrote other selling propositions along with flickr portfolio in several letters. But didn’t get response so much. Do you think I should write some adjective like “eye catchy”, “appealing”, “stunning” and “elegant”?


I encourage you to do so. Anyone can promise that their work will “look nice”. But most buyers want to know a little more about how you can help them. Be more personal, and be more specific. By doing this, you’ll improve your chances of winning more jobs.

Don’t build your business on hope. Build it upon actual sales.

No. Write about how you can solve the buyer’s needs. Describing how pretty you think your work will look doesn’t solve the buyer’s needs.


Yap I will. I will be more specific.

No I am not waiting for his comeback. I am applying to 10 buyers request every day.

I don’t know what happens to other sellers. I can see a request no more than one minute. Often, I just refresh the page, request disappears. So, if the request consists of long paragraph and requirements, I don’t find it in the list when I finish writing of the cover letter. Finally, I can’t grab the opportunity to apply. This is the demerits.