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Can we share email to buyer if that is required for complete order?

Hello , I am a wix web designer . Sometime buyer place me order and ask my email for inv me for wix coontributer so that I can get access for work on his website . So can I share my email to buyer if they want give me access on wix ? Please let me know what should I do in this condition ? Thanks


If you’re an experienced wix web designer you will already know the answer to this.

If you must give your email, make sure it’s a disposable one where the client can’t contact you. Supply it on the order page.


Thanks for reply n its must be disposal means ? I don’t understand plesde clear me . Thanks

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The idea is to not share personal information such as your email via inbox, instead at the order page.

well i would suggest you make a new id that is solely for Fiverr and dont use your personal id.

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Thanks for reoky and you mean I can share my email on order page if that are requirement for order complete ? Thanks

Disposal means ? Please clear me

Sorry but we can’t have 2 account on fiveer .

“disposable” means not your main email - one that can be used for fiverr jobs and then deleted.

I think so, but contact Customer Support they will give you more assistance in your concern.

Can’t you just ask your buyers to send you login credentials?

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I have contact fiverr support but I don’t understand what they reply me .

I asked them but they saying they can’t give full permission with given login details so they asked my email

They said me this "Hi again,

As mentioned before, if your email is required you need to add to your Gig that your email will be required. EX:

Gig requirements: Please provide your WIX credentials (Email, password) when you place the order.
Gig Description: I might need to provide my email address to you if WIX contribution is necessary

Something along those lines. '. Now please tell me what that mean to say ?

According to your profile, you’re fluent in English.

How come you don’t understand instructions written in simple English?


You have to add what they told you in your gig.
In mine, I added so in my FAQ.
But, they told you that you can add it in your gig description or requirement.

no, it against fiverr rules.

So you mean to create a new email every time when it needs it.
How can this possible?

Sorry I can speak , read English very well but those language I n confused about where in have to put my em ail address on gig because recently last message when I gave them sample of contents then they said me also remove my em ail n resolved setomatically those ticket . that last message is in my ticket that why I confused how can I show my em ail to my buyer if this are need for order complete . now please reply me . if you understand what fiverr support want say ? I think you are very intelligent then please reply me n clear this matter now .

Then what shouod I do if buyer ask my em ail ?