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Can we share Google Forms link in the Fiverr chat to collect data about the Project?

I want authentic and confirm info about the communication on Fiverr. Is it possible that I can share Google Form link to collect data for Project requirements. I’m providing services for Walmart Marketplace seller store approval and i need many required details from each client so i can’t arrange these details in chat, I’m thinking to create google form to collect all details for Walmart application. Your response will be highly appreciated…

Zahoor Sial

That could be seen as attempting to communicate outside of Fiverr. Not 100% sure what the stance on it is, but I wouldn’t risk it. What exactly are you looking for in Forms that you can’t do with your requirements section anyway?

Would have thought that we’re given enough to work with. For example, this is what mine looks like:

You are right. But everything is clearly mentioned in my description what i need and what I’m going to collect via Google Forms. So, I was just wondering that it will work or not…

If you’re able to get the same info via your requirements, just do that.

It’s not worth risking your account just to avoid using the inbuilt requirements section.

It’s ok i got, thank you so much for your kind info and suggestion.