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Can we share skype Id on fiverr?

Hello i have seen many gigs that mention the word skype that they will teach you via skype. I am confused here that why fiverr not ban these gigs .
Once i only share my skype id wth my buyer , after one hours i received account warning that i have share personal information with buyer.

Can anyone answer me ?

All of the Skype gigs you see here on Fiverr are preapproved by CS. You would have to ask for permission first.

I asked customer support about it and what they told me is that so long as you specify in both the title and the gig description that your service requires the use of skype, telephone, Twitter, FB, etc., and you only collect the personal contact information on the order page, it’s okay. Other sellers might have heard something different, but what I heard is that so long as those things are in place and you only collect contact info via the order page, you don’t need their permission before you start.