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Can we share the exact url of our gigs on social mesia

Can we share our gigs to our social media contacts?


Sharing gigs url is rules violation?

Thank you abm_abdullah

Don’t do it. Sharing on social media is more likely to get you banned than anything else.

Watch the video and read the comments, which debunks the top myths


you can read about gig promotion at Fiverr

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Sorry your title confused me. I thought you were asking if you could share your social media pages on Fiverr (no).

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Okay. Thanks for your response.

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But you shouldn’t share your gigs to social media unless you only do it occasionally.

No one makes sales with social media unless they understand how it actually converts people into buyers, which only happens by sharing insights.


Thank you humanissocial

no donot do this .its fiverr rules violation

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