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Can we stop posting gigs in the buyer request section

Seriously, can this be addressed. If it has already I apologize I looked,although I didn’t give searching a lot of time on this! Throughout EVERY day when I go to look through the list of buyer request all I see are people posting their gigs and what they can do. This makes responding to potential buyers really hard and frustrating since we have to skip over most of these. I admit I posted one of my services there one time when I first started ONLY because I thought this was normal. Upon reaching Level 1 seller status I found out how annoying it really was!

And the worst of them all are the sellers who just post one stupid line like “Creative Design” WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT!? All of the offers that you receive from request like that are other sellers trying to sell you their gigs because they misunderstood what you were actually trying to do.

Anyone else frustrated with this?

Sheriff’s Note: Please add thoughts to the link below. Thank you!

You are not at all alone! You can copy/paste or type your thoughts in the thread I’ll link to below. That one is in a category that Fiverr staff skims: