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Can we stop spoonfeeding information?

:rotating_light: Controversial opinion alert :rotating_light:

We’re never going to stop getting flooded with repetitive, easily-researched questions if the sellers asking are continually spoonfed the answers in the forum.

People see that sellers still get their answer, so they’re going to keep doing it.

I think people give these answers to try to steer the sellers onto the right path, but the right path is initiative and respect for other forum members. No seller sheds their lazy tendencies from a forum member spoonfeeding them information.


Ok, here’s a response from the heart… I’m aware this could be dangerous for me.

As someone who is a relatively new contributor to this forum (albeit a long-term seller on Fiverr), I fell into the trap of wanting to try and be helpful - genuinely so. After all, with seven years’ experience, hundreds of sales, etc. you get to learn a thing or two. I’m comfortable with my little business and it’s good to give back in life.

However, and I’ve used this phrase before, I do get irrationally annoyed by the basic lack of common sense and research skills that some (quite a few) people demonstrate on these forums. The simple fact is: you either have a talent to offer and an instinct for business, or you don’t. Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the ‘why aren’t I getting sells’ type posters lack at least one, if not both, of the prerequisites.

To be clear, you need a talent or a skill to sell on Fiverr as well as the ability to market it effectively. Without both, you’re sunk.

From this point on, I’m no longer going to respond to such posts. We all know the reasons why these people aren’t ‘getting sells’. It’s blindly obvious when you look at their profile and gigs.

However, I will still try and be supportive to genuine buyers and sellers who I believe I can either morally or factually wrap an arm around and help.

Heart was open, now closed again.


Never thought of it like that. You’re 100% right.

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Surely all that will happen is that the answers provided will be from other Mek-Sells and the forum will look even worse, a place where the blind lead the blind and lazy.

The approach of some regular forum members, to provide links to existing content, to me is a good idea.


Yeah, this is it. I only respond because there’s a limit to the “send 10 buyer request daily, be online 24/7, offer unlimited revisions” I can see before I break.


Most of those posts are in the wrong category. They should be in new user introductions, improve my gig and/or my fiverr gig.

With any luck the new moderators will spend some time moving them …

Many people have those categories muted

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Ugh, these.

Parroting. This is why it’s all just a chaotic mess. Most don’t actually know what they’re doing.


I don’t spoonfeed anyone.

I just come in, grumble a bit, get my customary “Please provide your valuable suggestion or kindly pass” and leave.


Maybe limiting the new users to be able to post only in a certain category and making it possible for you to “mute” certain categories.

That way users that want to help can do it, and those that don’t want don’t even need to see it. :grin:

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Very well said and it’s not irrational at all. This forum could be great. But that can’t happen if we keep catering to the lowest denominator and enabling laziness and ineptitude. That’s why I get annoyed. It isn’t some innocuous behaviour. They’re ruining it and this all perpetuates the spam and other behaviours that make all of us look bad.


No because repetitive, easily researched posts should be closed before that can happen.

No one should get to have a platform for nonsense.

Exactly! They want to look smart but don’t have their own advice to share and don’t even know enough to know which posts are reputable and which ones aren’t.

They regurgitate tasks because it’s nice to think that completing tasks is what gets you sales. We shouldn’t be enabling this. And by keeping those posts up, we are. They should be immediately removed. There isn’t even an option for reporting them!

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The funny thing is, it’s not always the new sellers that are asking questions about selling. Even the experienced sellers are making countless posts about why their placement has gone down, why their orders have gone down, etc. when they should know by now that they aren’t guaranteed placement forever.


Right? I scratch my head when a Level 2 seller asks a question about why they aren’t ranking on page 1 anymore because they were before, so that means they always should ie) the algorithm must be broken.

It baffles me.


They feel entitled and threatened when someone else takes over their so-called “throne”. Just because something doesn’t always work their way, they think it’s broken even when it’s working for so many others. We need to be constantly reminded again and again that the world doesn’t revolve around ourselves. And who said being on first page guaranteed you orders?


Maybe it baffles you, but when a system worked for seven years, and then your income cuts into half, because some moron felt the necessity to screw up a working system, maybe the Sellers has the right to ask questions when a no name idiot is screwing their daily income. I know people love to be sheeple, but not everyone is a sheep. And we have right to get answers in matters like this.

I, for example, work here in the last seven years and made a lot for Fiverr with my Gigs. I also have over 2,5k 5-star rating, and around 20 ratings are below this level. And when I also experience that my sales cut into half because Fiverr took down a vital system and they’re giving template answers for no reason, I believe I also have the right to know what the hell is going on here, especially as the majority of my living is coming from Fiverr.


I do get bored sometimes seeing the same questions/posts asked again and again by numerous seller(s). However, I posted something new to the Forum today but unfortunately it was taken down.

From the community standards, I quote:
Our community standards are rooted in our core values — respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness.

However, what I had experienced today related to my post is called “narrow-mindedness”.

I guess people enjoy in seeing the old post(s) again and again whether asked by new sellers or old!! It doesn’t matter but its annoying!!


Entitlement – definitely. But what I really don’t get is how people can challenge an algorithm despite not knowing what it is or how it works or why businesses program them the way they do.

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I avoid “I was always on the first page but now I’m not” posts like a plague at this point.

To anything and everything that is being said, they just parrot: “Yes, but yesterday I was on the first page”. Yes, but today you are not.

UPD: I was avoiding those, but here they are. :slight_smile:


And that highlights that they have absolutely no idea how an algorithm works.

How can people claim an algorithm is broken when they don’t even understand what it is? Weird.

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