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Can we talk about fiverr comission with our customers?

can i include or break it down “20% fiverr comission” in my invoices?


No, in my opinion, there are no such rules in Fiverr.

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In what circumstance would you need to?
If the Buyer has also read the ToS, then they already know.


Well mostly the buyers don’t know about it, so just to justify the total order amount
can we include it like this?
Services = 2800
Fiverr Fee = 700
Total = 3500

If you’re going to list that, why not also list labor, material, transfer fees, banking fees, subscription fees, and all other overhead? If you want to alienate and drive off potential clients, sure.

The average buyer does not care what your individual costs are, they only care about the total price and the results. Now, it’s one thing to state this on the tin, it’s completely different if a client asks you. Only tell if they ask. Line-item invoices are generally not interesting.

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A part of me does understand your thinking - it’s like saying to a buyer I only want to charge you “X” amount, but Fiverr forces me to charge you “Y” amount.

However, I’m with @imagination7413 on this one. Most buyers only care about the final cost to them - they don’t care that you have to pay commission to Fiverr. And if you do try and break it down, it only looks suspicious.

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You all make good points here, but let me add this - what if there’s pushback from the client? If I personally find myself in a place where I feel like I have to “justify” my cost I usually bow out (because no thanks, problem clients), but if they toss a “Well I got quotes on [different place/website] for [service] and it was $X - why are you priced so high?” Is it acceptable to mention it in passing in conversations like that?

Curious to get opinions.

If they ask, sure! I’ll happily help educate people on economics and logistics and cost-of-goods-sold! Knowledge is power and stuff. I support learning.

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I think this is a bad idea.

I can see some Buyers using the information to press for a discount.

I can also see some Buyers using this information to try to move business with you off-Fiverr.

And has already been said here, Buyers (the professional kind) don’t really care what the breakdown is.

They just want to know what the bottom line cost is.


Yeah, I agree with you, essentially. A buyer that balks at my (honestly, super reasonable for my chops) costs tells me that they don’t value me and what I do. I’ve had a lot of people react like I’d backhanded them when I quote the work, like it’s a personal affront. I’ve had a handful, however, that have said something like, “Oh, that’s too much for my budget, I’m sure you’re worth it, but I’m afraid I can’t hire you right now.” That’s nice to hear, that’s polite and respectful - I’ll usually point them towards a less expensive writer on here or offer them some keyword research tips as a professional courtesy in return.

But the nickel-and-dime ones, the ones that belittle and get condescending with me? So long, bud. I’ve also gotten a rash of “Pleeeeeeease I really need it can u do it for half price” messages, which are incredibly gross and unprofessional. We’re not children here, don’t beg like a kid in the candy aisle!


A part of me does understand your thinking - it’s like saying to a buyer I only want to charge you “X” amount, but Fiverr forces me to charge you “Y” amount.

Yes that was my point actually, but i understand it will lead the buyers to move business off-fiverr which is not a good idea to become a successful seller on fiverr.

And you make a good point! However, I’m just not interested in justifying my charges with potential clients. I’m tempting fate here, but throughout my time selling on Fiverr I’ve actually encountered very few issues overall.

I’m forever banging on in the forum about the need for sellers to protect their accounts, and one way of doing this is to politely turn down potentially troublesome clients. In my experience, a client who questions a fair price to start with is only likely to question other aspects of the service should we end up working together.

Don’t get me wrong, a client has every right to question something if they’re concerned - but my point is that we don’t need to invite trouble to start with. Any decent buyer will know from the outset that Fiverr / online platforms charge commission. If they’re that naive, then I don’t want to work with them. It’s about protecting my account.


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