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Can we talk honestly about Promoting your Gig

I’m a believer of promoting my gig outside of Fiverr. I use, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and created my own blog on Blogspot. I just updated my youtube channel with 400 videos from previous fiverr clients.

When things were going well, I did the promotion thing but I never really paid attention if it was sending a lot of clients my way. I just assumed it was and kept on promoting.

Now that things are not going too well, yet I’m still doing my promotion thing, it seems my promotion efforts have died along with my gig. I guess when a gig dies, it dies inside and out. or at least it seems that way to me.

I have the curious bug so I asked a handful of sellers in my category how much outside promotion they did. I figured I would get a list 3 times longer then mine but instead I got “I’m not doing any outside promotion”.:frowning: Out of the 13 I asked, 10 said they did no outside promotion or may of posted their gig link here and there but nothing on a steady basis. WHAT – THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT!!!. Even the 3 that said they were promoting on social sites, said they don’t do it on a regular basis and have not done so in a while since they were too busy working on gigs. :money_mouth:

I don’t think I can blame Fiverr for youtube, facebook or any other social site failures that died on me but maybe I can go with a conspiracy theory that Fiverrr is now blocking all my outside links to my gig. :slight_smile: Nah! Surely there is something I’m doing wrong at the moment be it on site or off site or both but I have to keep trying to find the solution which includes posting my thoughts here on Fiverr forum.

But dam, these days I feel like a dog chasing their tail wondering if I will ever figure out what makes Fiverr tick and what doesn’t.

I did get some great input today from a regular here. It gave me hope so I’m off on a new adventure. Fiverr get ready – I’m coming straight at you!!


I suggest you to help people understand your niche on Q&A websites. Write great answers with insight regarding questions to your niche and at the end of the answer, You can drop a link to your Fiverr with a text like, “If you need any help regarding XYZ then you can check out the link.” Or whatever works for you.

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Do you mean like forums? I actually have google alerts setup to notify me when whiteboard animation is the topic. I’m surprised how little notifications I get. But if the opportunity permits itself, I try to take advantage of it.

I suggest you to try a website called (let’s not give full name or they’ll report me for advertising) Quor… type this in google and it’ll auto correct it for you. Make account, observe how things work there and follow topics like whiteboard animation and also in your profile there’s a section called “knows about” put whiteboard animation there so you’ll get answer requests for it. It’ll make the job easy for you. Also the site is ranked 110 globally by Alexa.

P. S. - It’s not my website and I’m not promoting it. Also it’s pretty famous between digital marketing people and there are also some millionaires on that website who say it works for them to be here.

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Thank you for the insight…I’ll check it out

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