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Can we talk to other sellers with relavant experience?

I am a new seller. Can I get in touch with other sellers who have relevant experience to know more about how to attract buyers?


Did you try Fiverr forum maybe? Link:

Reading topics on the forum could help?


Messaging other sellers for anything other than business purposes is likely to get your message marked as spam.

You could also read these articles :


It’s not good practice.
You can check this:

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So you basically want it ask your competitors how to get clients? Why would they share that with you if they will get less clients if you do well?

One more for the link list!

I could not find the relavant topic so thought to share this on the forum.

Well I think it is about ethics. No One is saying to share their secret of success and I dont think anyone is going to loose client by sharing some information or knowledge but I think sharing is caring. Even this forum is created to help each other and share information.

I thgink it’s always a best and better idea to come up in Fiverr forum rather than messaging any sellers in personal. Otherwise if you have any doubt then you can always talk to Fiverr customer support. :smiley:

True - but that’s the entire point of the forum. Those who wish to offer help can do so, and those who would rather not are under no obligation. What you’re suggesting, by messaging other sellers, can actually cause damage to the seller’s profile. If for example, that seller doesn’t notice your message in-time, and fails to reply to you within 24 hours, the seller’s response rate would be damaged.

Sellers are, in effect, forced to reply to you because of how Fiverr measure response rate and time. I can tell you as a seller who has had numerous people reach out to us like this in the past, we always politely but firmly direct them to the forum. And I’m afraid, on the very rare occasion where they’ve not taken the hint (ie; kept pestering for help), we’ve reported them as spam.


you just follow fiverr forum you will get everything

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Yes. Makes sense.I understand that.