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Can we trust a buyer who cancels an order?

Imagine that you delivered a perfect job in your point of view. the buyer saw your deliver, and suddenly says this was not what he or she wanted, cancels the order and gets a refund…end of story and the seller gets nothing. ( As we know how it goes )…

BUT… what if the buyer was actually happy and was happy with the delivery, but at the same time… he or she denies that and cheating the seller, he or she claims its bad and asks for a cancellation + refund ?

As sellers, how can we be 100% sure that a buyer never used a cancelled orders delivery content ?

How can we be sure that we are not cheated buy a cunning buyer ?

As honesty becomes hard to sustain because of frauds and cheapos, what do you sellers think about this theory?


yes of course… it’s insane “oh nevermind that’s not what I was looking for”…

then again, are you showing them drafts before final delivery?

I show progress during order and ask questions to make sure I’m going in the right direction (whenever possible)… hopefully I can evade this trickiness of “that’s not what I wanted”

ultimately if you deliver what was in the buyers requirements they should not be allowed to get refund… buuuut… that’s just not the way it works.


Yes its one of a problem here, you work for hours, give them update, they like it, need some changes, you finish it, and bhamm, the buyer said, no longer needed/ not good enough, and cancel it,

Instead fighting and wasting energy, before I was just accept cancelation and move on,

but now with system affect every cancelation/refund, it became hard for us Seller to just accept it,


If you did the work, there is no reason to even consider a refund, especially since Fiverr specifically states in their TOS (which you read, right? :wink: ) that orders are not eligible for refunds based upon seller preference, if the work was created according to the seller’s gig description. You have complete control over cancellation requests. Don’t let any buyers force you to give them your work for free.


With all due respect is baloney. Fiverr now largely sides with buyers should they want to cancel. Hit the reject button on a cancellation twice and sellers and buyers are advised to contact CS. As soon as that happens, an order is cancelled.


If you are dealing with videos you should embedded an watermark, audio and video as well. If everything is okay with them after sending the revisions or whatever else you do to the video, only then send them the video without watermark… Anyway, this watermark feature should be implemented by fiverr, the same way they do with images.

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You’d think that, but once I got an order directly canceled by the staff after I refused the cancel request from the client. So yeah, that can happen to, moreover you don’t even get an explanation from CS.


Yes Jonbass, I knew I should give for free no matter what, but if the buyer reach CS, then its just cancel, nothing we can do, its all robotic response, even we do the work 100% according to their instruction, etc etc

This kind if buyer makes me afraid if I accept some new fishy buyer,

just wish this kind “buyer” cancellation never affect stat at all

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This is true -

Here’s a recent response I received from CS in that regard:

It’s here where we jump onto the never ending merry-go-round… and even after negotiating, revising etc etc… if the buyer isn’t happy, and asks for a cancellation - IF we refuse - they contact CS, who will cancel for them (because they can’t force a buyer to accept delivery). I have had this happen a few times.

That policy is in print, but not enforced, unfortunately…


CS appears to have the new policy that they will not cancel orders upon request. They want buyers and sellers to solve their problems – without CS interference. Just because a buyer might go to CS with their frustration, does not mean that CS will just cancel the order. That’s not how it works anymore.

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That has been my experience with CS. They cancel orders even though:

I have fought the “I will not cancel battle.” but CS seems to side with the buyer each time. With some buyers there is no working it out.


Too bad. Yeah, that has been the impression that I have been getting through reading around the forums. I’m glad to be here, but this CS practice has been causing me quite a bit of anxiety. If that’s the way that it is, and it really seems so, then there’s nothing to do but work through the anxiety, if I want to stay here.


Have you refused new orders from buyers who have cancelled orders after completion? Is this a policy that you follow, or do you play it by ear, accepting some buyers new orders and rejecting others?

Luckily, those few who canceled orders after completion never came back because I made it obvious that I would not work with them again. I also blocked them on the messaging system (which I hear is not a perma-block :disappointed_relieved:)


thats one way to do it. and how come blocking them is not a permablock?

I don’t know if someone already said this on this thread (too long to read all and I have almost zero free time in my life right now), but remember that if a buyer cancels an order, he/she WON’T have the rights of the work delivered (arts, content, translation, code…) so you can effectively demand a compensation in court.

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Wait a minute I had to clean my specs :eyeglasses: to read the screenie a second time.

I do understand your frustration but we can’t force the buyer to provide the requirement if they do not want to. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Say what?! :hushed: Then how are we supposed to complete the orders? Just let them sit in limbo? Wow. Sorry, I had a twilight zone :dizzy_face: :alien: moment.

Are your requirement boxes marked as mandatory? “Some” Buyers and I use that term loosely like to type gibberish, even when these boxes are checked.

Any updates? Cancelled or a sitting :duck: duck?


yeah, this does kind of makes you feel floating around without any clue.CS cant force buyers to do anything. But can they force the sellers ? There shoudnt be any kind of forcing into a decision/. it should be an biased confirmation of how the deal would ideally balance between a buyer and a seller. fifty/fifty.

I have faced many incidents like this through out 2013 in fiverr.

Bottom line . . if a buyer knows how fiverr works, they might try to cheat you up. If they doesnt know how fiverr works, they might mess your orders up. And finally, if you dont know your buyer, you end up wasting your time and skills as well.


Definitely mind-boggling! :exploding_head:

My gripe is that we must maintain perfect stats to keep our lvl badges. Sellers literally have ZERO room for errors. So, Buyers not submitting the requirements because they chose not to and CS can’t force them is laughable. It’s a two-way street here!

Ugh more headache! :face_with_head_bandage:


yep. as a creative 3D artist, long time ago i had 100% freedom on things i did. with my team. But after the monthly evaluation + all the stats having need to be green . . . now we have to give up most of that creative freedom and keep our eyes on those green lines.

After all, we are sellers and this is what we get. But i feel that this system has us kind of made us feel like this is a virtual corporate office. Im hoping that they would not introduce a digital in and out system for work. lol.