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Can we trust this type of messages

I got below message form one buyer

“Actually i want to buy domain from, godaddy, Am charged $14 on godaddy but my credit card is not accepted, i need someone to buy for me on godaddy, after purchase and am sure, then am willing to pay 100$ on fiverr. This is a very urgent problem.”

Can we believe this type of buyers ?

I’d send a screenshot of the message to Customer Support, and let them decide if it’s legit or not.


No it is not legitimate. If godaddy won’t accept their credit card for $14, then how can they pay you $100?

I agree with catwriter. Report this to customer support with a screenshot of the message.


No dont’t know what’s going in his mind . First charge to fiverr and giving an order than start work

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The buyer wants you to buy something for them so that they can get it for free by filing a charge back dispute with their credit card company after delivery.

That said, depending on the domain name, you might want to think about buying it (and keeping it for yourself) if it’s a good one. I’ve got a killer bag of domain names, each of which cost me less than $100 overall which I plan on selling on one day to buy my first Jenifer Aniston clone.

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I’m smelling a rotten rat.