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Can we use online logo maker?

By using our skills, color sense, and designer genes, can we offer logo designing on the basis of free online logo making website instead of expensive software such as photoshop?

I guess as long as you are able to accomplish what you list in your gig. Often free or addon/plugins for creative content require licenses for selling. May want to contact both the free service and Fiverr so you have something in writing.

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This could backfire on you in a big way, and result in a bad seller reputation, especially when your buyers discover that you made them pay for something they could have done themselves for free.

If you do not have the ability to actually design the logos that you want people to hire you to create, then don’t offer logo design as a service. Cheating your buyers is a terrible idea.

If you are serious about being a professional logo designer, you will invest in actual, professional software to do the job right. Buyers expect professional work, not a seller who cuts corners to avoid investing in his own skills and business.

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That is a really bad idea. Online logo makers often have a personal use only license and you may need to pay for a commercial use license if you want to make money from those designs or else they may sue you. In addition, the designs can only be exported as a low resolution png file that isn’t suitable for printing. If your client asks for the source file or a png of a better resolution, you will have to eventually come clean. Don’t offer logo designing if you aren’t really good at it because the market is saturated with experienced designers and your freebie logos won’t stand a chance against them anyway. Given your ‘color sense and designer genes’ it shouldn’t take you much time to learn so go to youtube, enhance your skills and then offer the gig. Best of luck!