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Can we use our friend's Fiverr accounts?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to confirm a thing to know if it doesn’t go against Fiverr rules.
Sometimes when I’m not at home,I ask my friends to open my Fiverr account to check for a notification. I just want to make sure that I reply my messages quickly and I don’t miss any notification when I can’t access the internet.

Why do you want to take the risk? Guess it’s okay as long as you don’t operate two accounts…but there’s a huge potential for misunderstanding this way.

Your title and your post don’t match. If your friend has their own Fiverr account, you have no reason to use it for anything. Obviously your own messages won’t show on their account.

If you are using your friend’s computer or internet to access your own account, it depends. If that friend doesn’t have a Fiverr account at all, no risk and no problem. If your friend does have a Fiverr account and you use your account on the same computer, IP or ISP, it’s a big risk as @writer said.

You can tell anyone your password and give them access to your account. But you cannot have two accounts.

Thank you all for your replies :slight_smile:
misscrystal’s answer solved my confusion.