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Can we use paid traffic to promote a new gig?

I want to promote one of our new gig. Can I use paid traffic? Will this violate fiverr rules?

If I were you I wouldn’t touch this idea with a barge pole. Fiverr is not your site to drive traffic to and doing so would most likely be severely frowned upon.

Thank you for your feedback. My objective is not to drive traffic. I want to let people know about our service. Please advice…

You can drive traffic to your gigs through a lot of external channels including paid advertising. But, I don’t think the amount of sales you would generate from this would be worth it.

A lot of people are ‘Ad Blind’ nowadays lol.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Indeed this may cost you few bucks rather than adding something. I am also new and I think little and regular participation will automatically improve the visibility of your gigs while leaving less effort for you.

It depends what you mean.
Buying the 10,000 visitors for $5 will cause a lot of traffic but few if any will buy anything. Fiverr doesn’t “catch the eye” in the way that this traffic needs for it to be effective. That amount of traffic in a short time is not nice for Fiverr to deal with, especially if it results in few sales, so as @cyaxrex said, it may be frowned upon.
If you mean Google ads etc, you can do so but I haven’t found it effective.

Understood. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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