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Can we use two different niche Fiverr account?

Hi, Can i use two different Fiverr account for different niche on a same IP and same laptop even on same browser? For example, if currently i am working with Web development. and I learned SEO or some other graphic design or content writing. then can i make a separate account for specific for these services? so then 1st account is for Web Development and the second account is for only SEO or Graphics. But can i use without any hesitation on same laptop, same IP, Same network, and same browser ? I actually don’t want to create gig under a web developer account. I need to remain in a specific niche, don’t want to rush and all type of gigs in a web development account. thanks


Nope. It’s one account per person, I’m afraid. Anybody who violates this rule risks having all of their accounts disabled.

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Ok, and if we are sharing the internet, and someone other make account on same internet connection then it may create issue?


Yeah, it may do, especially if you’re both selling a similar service.

If I were doing such a thing, I’d definitely message Customer Support first, just to give them a heads up and see what they say.


hi no… fiverr doesn’t allow multiple accounts… use only 1 in a proper way… else they can block all… hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, I will get help from support.


Also, read the ToS again. They’re very clear that you can’t have multiple accounts and there are many forum posts about the sharing a computer/IP with another Fiverr user.

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I have read. But some are saying that Fiverr allowing two accounts on same IP and Same Network for two different niche. As maybe in a family 2 persons are working on fiverr. in that case. I think fiverr should allow this. also if we are sharing internet with two or three neighbours, then its mean they all can’t work on fiverr? that not a good sign for Fiverr.

“Not a good sign for Fiverr”

No, there are millions of Fiverr Sellers. Fiverr has more Sellers than Buyers.

It’s important to understand what Fiverr gets out of supporting something and what risks they incur by allowing certain things.


Oh, Sellers are more than buyer. Then Good. thanks

If it’s really two different people, not one person pretending that they and their 50 cousins are all working on Fiverr. Also, even if it’s really 2 different people offering different services, it’s necessary to get permission from Customer Support first, otherwise both account will be permanently banned.

Considering that you said this

the answer to your question is No, because it wouldn’t be 2 family members, it would be you pretending to be 2 people.


Ok thanks for your great answer.

You wanna break fiverr rules?? :upside_down_face:

No. who said this? LOL

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I just asked brother :grin::grin::grin:

Be serious, its not a joke, i was just asking. and its a reality if some one inspired with my earning and want to start work in my relative. that’s why i was asking. and i also heard from people that Fiverr allow 2 accounts if they are different niche and even they are two brothers. that’s why i want to confirm. I NEVER BREAK RULES.

Boss fiverr rules are you can not use two account in one ip

That’s not what your first post says. It says what if you learn another skill.


Scenario are same, if i learn and make, or if anyone want to work. the main thing is to know if it possible to make two different accounts for different niche on same network. that’s it. thanks

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It’s not the same. If it’s really two different people with different skills living in the same household, they might get the permission. If it’s one person, all of that person’s accounts will get permanently banned.

It can only look like the same thing if you plan to be dishonest and pretend to be two different people (but even then it wouldn’t actually be the same thing, it would only look like one to a dishonest person).

Anyway, if you learn new skills and wish to offer new services, you can do that within the same account.