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Can we withdraw founds to paypal and payoneer both option in different days?

Hi friends , can i know that is it possible to withdraw funds from fiverr to paypal and payoneer in different days in same month? I mean can we use both option as we need ?

Yes, you can as long you have available funds and that meets the minimum requirements to make a withdrawal. 20usd for Payoneer.

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You mean can we registered in both option such as paypal and payoneer . And when ever we need any option can we use ? So how is the minimum
Withdrawal amount from payoneer to bank account ?

That’s another reason why there are other withdrawal options. If you withdraw using Payoneer, the balance will be transferred to your Payoneer account and Payoneer will automatically transfer the fund into your local back account. Unlike PayPal that you’ve to issue the transaction from your PayPal to your local bank.

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HOw long it will take transfer the funds to bank account from payoneer after withdrawal from fivver ? And minimum withdrawal amount ? Also fee? If you know.

For me, I’m using Payoneer for my withdrawals and it usually takes about 12 hours for the money to reach my local bank account.
The minimum withdrawal is $20 and the charges fee is $3.

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That sounds great .is it only 3$ for what ever the amount we withdraw ?

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I made withdrawals in different amounts and the charges were the same. I don’t know if someone else has another experience regarding it. But I’d suggest that you should check out withdrawal section from the TOS. As its explained in detail there.