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Can wearing a face mask prevent COVID-19?

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It doesn’t prevent but it decreases the chances.


No, the virus is so small it goes through cloth or face masks.

The idea is that if you sneeze or cough and unknowingly have covid-19 you won’t spray your virus all over someone.

Basically it’s so you feel protected, but you are not.

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Its protect others around you in case you had the Virus without Symptoms or Weak Symptoms


Wearing masks doesn’t protect the wearer that much from what I’ve read. At least those masks us, mortal humans, can actually buy. But it does a good job reminding you not to touch your face. Plus, people don’t run away from you screaming if you sneeze.

I’m wearing a cloth one because it became illegal here to be outside without it and the fee is $600.


Of course, it will protect you. This is because the Covide19 is more likely to spread from nose or mouth droplets.

Stay Home Stay safe.

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The science, which has been around since 1979, indicates that wearing a facemask will protect others from your germs, not you.

This is why surgeons wear face masks when they’re operating on you - so you don’t catch anything from them.

When everyone wears a facemask, then the virus doesn’t spread. China, the Czech Republic and various other countries have been able to come out of lockdown by insisting on people wearing face masks. And track and trace, obvs …


I have made facemasks for my family and placed HEPPA filters in them which are supposed to block 97% of microbes. Also, their are tutorials on YouTube of how to make a mask that is 100% made out of a HEPPA filter. That may give more protection.


Hi, I am from China.
1: It’s best not to go where there are too many people.
2: Wear masks and wash your hands frequently.
3: Don’t eat undercooked food.
4: Take more exercise to build up your body’s resistance.
Wearing a mask is recommended, not mandatory. Is not a restriction of freedom, it is for safety reasons and has nothing to do with human rights. I hope everyone in the world can be healthy.
After all, we are the first country to detect the outbreak. We have seen a lot of broken families. We don’t want to see the bad.

Wish you all the best :grinning:

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