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Can you activate both 3 packages and gig addons at the same time?

As the title says and the following details as well:

  1. Can you activate both 3 packages and gig addons at the same time?
  2. If the packages are on but you have unfinished orders with the old addons, do you still get payed for the now-invisible addons once the deal is done?
  3. Just like #2 but in reverse.

I have special addons that cannot be contained within 3 packages as they are very specific but they can really bump up the total accumulation for an order. And I can’t post packages that are too expensive. Not all clients are businessmen some are parents and lovers who want casual fun using the stuff that I make. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@viser1000: Yes you can activate all the 3 packages & also add the Gig extras or in your word Gig Addons.

It will not cause any affect to your past order.

So its upto you how you make the best use of Packages & Gig Extras.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding to my question. But can you instruct me how to activate both at the same time? If you can check my profile, my ‘bring your character concept into life’ gig was used as an example. 3 packages are showing but none of my gig extras are visible. Not even ‘express’. In the gig settings page, I have the ‘activate 3 packages’ switched on and have my gig extras checked as well. Am I missing something? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: Pardon me, I can see ‘express’ in several forms within the package box but none of my other extras.

@viser1000: I have checked it & its activate. The new layout makes your Gig extras & Extra Fast delivery is only visible on your order page.

So it is activated.

I don’t think it’s working for Intros gig though, once you activate the 3 package all the extras are gone.

I have not seen any gigs with both the packages and the extras.
It is my understanding that the extras are not showing if you activate the packages.

Only on the front page but once you select a package they will appear on the following page; or at least that’s how it was when I tested it out on a proofreading gig.

You must be referring to built-in extras such as color, full body, commercial use, etc. I am aware of these. I was referring to the extras that I initially included in the gig during the old format. Such as image enlargement, turn into a book or comic page, etc. I was trying to consolidate my offers into a few related gigs so my clients can easily spot what they need in relation to their other orders. Thanks for trying though.


Were you trying to order? Maybe you are saying that you are able to see the extras in another window as you are trying to go forward with your order eh?

I was doing a test to see why my extras weren’t showing up and discovered that they appeared on another page.