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CAN YOU ALL STOP REPORTING almost every single post?

Sorry for the caps in the title. Just created it to get your attention.
The fiverr forum is a public forum where people have their own opinion.
Recently I had created a topic which was based on a compition system on fiverr, and quite a few disagreed and I was totally okay with it but then my post got reported for hateful speech, etc. This has happened quite a lot of time and it feels like you cant have an opinion on a public forum without it getting reported. Some go as far as reporting something just to get their first report badge on the forum.

I understand the instances where reporting a post is needed to be reported but most of the time its not the case (and when I mean you all in the title I meant the people that report each and every post they come across)

If you get offended by each and every post and report it for a random because thinking you are doing any good please stop. I am getting tired of this

Thank you for your time

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I guess all flagged items are reviewed by mods and either released or hidden after that.

So if your post or topic was hidden, it’s likely that mods agreed to hide it because of forum rules violation.


This may be helpful to you: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's