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Can you ask a buyer why they left you a bad review?

Hello! This is just a small rant about a dissappointing experience with a buyer, I’ll try to keep it short.

So the order started with me asking him to submit the proper requirements (it was a drawing of an animal, and he submitted a picture of a flower) to which he didn’t reply, no big deal. I sketched different species of this animal so he could pick among them and again, no reply.

I sent him a reminder a couple of days later, to which he replied. I sent him the detailed clean sketch the next day, asking him to let me know if he wanted anything changed before I colored it, and again, no reply.

So I finished and delivered the drawing with the few instructions he gave me, explaining the steps I took for the final design and asking to let me know if everything was alright (there were still five days left, so there was plenty of time to change anything he disliked).

I’m not particularly upset at the lack of information, sometimes people leave the designs up to me, and I always show progress in stages so they can let me know if there’s anything they want changed; I’m just disappointed he gave me three stars in “Communication with seller” despite all my attempts of communicating with him, and four stars in “Service as described”. Well, how am I supposed to know you’re unsatisfied if you don’t say so?

I also left a nice review, the experience wasn’t really bad, I just wished he’d gotten back to me quicker, but that’s it; but now that I saw his I feel silly. It is also my very first bad review, which is a bummer.

I’m always looking to improve, so do you think it’s worth it if I ask him why he was so disatisfied or is this not proper “Fiverr etiquette” (so to speak)? Should I just let it go?


It will be best to leave it and move on.
Why do you think he will reply to this message when he did not reply to your previous messages about the delivery?

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You aren’t allowed to do this. Please read the ToS and consult the many forum threads that explain what happens when you do this.


I’ll have to reread them. There is an option to reply right there under the review, so I thought it was definitely viable to ask for feedback.

No, that’s to respond publicly to their review, not to ask them why they left it.


He marked the order complete not a minute after I delivered it! And left the review right after, so he was definitely paying attention. But I think I’m just going to block him and move on.

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Definitely a weird situation, but I would definitely just leave this as is and move on from it. Blocking him is a good decision though, just in case they’d ever try and purchase from you again. As unlikely as it would seem, lots of annoying buyers will occasionally come back for more.




Ah, I see! I should’ve specified that the comment in the review didn’t say anything bad, it was just the rating that was low, hence my confusion. It would’ve been nice to see some actual feedback.

Anyways, now I know this is not the thing to do, thanks a lot!


If the buyer was unresponsive during the order, you could almost bank on them being even more so after the order has been delivered.

In any case, talking with your buyer about a review will very likely be viewed as manipulation by CS. I understand some sellers may want to get a more in depth explanation of the feedback they received in order to better themselves in the long run. However, it seems you did all you could do in this situation. You tried your best to offer a 5 star service but your buyer was difficult from the jump.


I don’t think so! you should not ask why they left bad reviews on your account!

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This is one of those experiences that you have to let go so you can move on.

As many others have said, never ask your buyer why they left the feedback they did.

I totally understand how frustrating the experience was for you. You had a buyer that didn’t communicate, and yet micromanaged his feedback. Not good.


idk we should ask or not two of buyers give me 4.9 rating but i just give them a good smile and move on with my others buyers , we should have to show them all time good behave and not ask why they give us less rating etc ,

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I hate when people leave a mediocre review with no explanation! By the way, your art is breathtaking!


I’m sorry about your experience.

Don’t get upset. Even top-rated sellers received 1-star reviews. Peoples are different try to be friendly with everyone. It doesn’t matter 1 or 5 stars. Always be nice to the buyer.

Once I received a 2-star review by mistake. I feel so frustrated. I understand how you feel right now but

I don’t think about this too much. It just one buyer =D you can have 100 more. one you’ll be a success in this business I’m sure


dont ask them why they left it.

You’re a 100% right, now that I’m looking at it with a cooler head it’s just not worth it. Thank you for your encouraging comment!

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I have learnt one thing in fiverr, Here buyer can do anything sometimes unfair thing but we can’t ask them why are they doing it. :roll_eyes:

Also don’t discuss about review, review doesn’t even matter, just let it go.
Focus on your next project. :relaxed:

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Thank you, you’re very kind!