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Can You Beat This Goldfish?


You have Just 8 Seconds ( verified by associated press Research Date: 4.28.2013 ) in which to engage your visitor.

That is Less than a Goldfish ( 9 secs) attention span. Somewhat disturbing if you think about it…

Everyone promoting gigs or content can benefit from a well crafted image used in places where you need to get your message across quickly. Blogs, Facebook, Comments etc.

If you managed to get this far in the post you are ahead of the Goldfish ‘Yay’ and would probably like to read more at my gig page.

Did I mention we do Awesome WordClouds designed specifically for marketing?

You probably guessed by the image. Got the idea? See you at the gig for more details.



@apprentice_need I have no intention of stepping on anyone’s toes but must have missed something obvious to everyone else.

I read the TOS again and would appreciate if you or someone can tell me where I have crossed the border here so I stay within all the rules.