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Can you believe this?

Someone just bluntly told me they had hired another illustrator (not me) and now was looking for a writer. They don’t need and won’t use my service, but if I know any good writer I can recommend and they will consider that (consider hiring that said writer, not hiring me).

I wonder if this one will bring a box of fired chicken to KFC, and tell the employee “I won’t buy anything here, I already have my food. Now I want a drink, but I don’t want your drink either. Do you know a good coffee house? Tell me and I’ll consider going there.”

Yes, the narcissist reigns supreme on Fiverr. Don’t stress over it. Just say “no” and wait for the next one to rock on by.

Haha, similar incident happened with me once…
The buyer wanted a web design and was asking how can this happen on my website and how much will you charge…
I answered his questions and asked for $100.

His reply " my web designer wasnt able to do this, now maybe he will understand"
and reply after sometime " Do you know how to integrate this api too ?"

I asked for $20 for consultation.
His reply : You dont have to do anything… my web designer will do it… just tell us how to do it…
I just said " bye, thank you for wasting my time “
His reply " You would get a lot of orders from me if you answer properly”

Reported him
These guys love to abuse your time :confused:

I was asked if I was a fraud or not by someone as they have hired other spellcasters who were frauds and although they see my excellent reviews they still want to be sure I’m not before they hire me.

I asked if they were a moron or not because I want to be sure they aren’t before I accept an order from them. They then blocked further messages.

lol :smiley:

Ha! Nice one.

Haha, that was amazing

A client might decide not to use your work for all sorts of reasons. It may not be quite the right style for the project in hand. You could have helped the client find a writer. The writer would then be grateful to you and the client will be grateful to you and you’ll be on good terms with both those people. If the client later wants your type of illustration for another project, he/she will come back to you, knowing you’re a helpful person and a good link in a creative chain. And the writer will owe you a favour and might one day pass some work on to you.

On the same note, why not just ask whoever they hired for such wonderful information? I get what you’re saying, but absolutely not. It’s just malingering time-wasting and rudeness, and the hope that you might get a recommendation from either of these parties for being super (dupe)r helpful is just… foolish at best.

I am a really helpful person. Try to help my clients as much as possible but I don’t think I am good enough to do that. I believe in karma but I am an “Instant Karma” lover! To do all that one must be a saint :slight_smile:

Introduce this overly rude person to any writer I knew, in order to get them screwed over and break my relationship with them? No thank you,