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Can you block a buyer from purchasing again?

I’ve just been in a heated discussion with a buyer who didn’t want me to revise my work and just wanted to cancel the order. From the direction the conversation went I got the impression she was going to use my work but still wanted to cancel…in effect, stealing from me. Can I block her from ever buying from me again?

Yep, she’s going to steal from you. And no, you can’t block her from buying again, I don’t believe. You can cancel any future orders from this person though. If you have any issues, contact CS and they should cancel it - but who knows there.

Don’t think there is a way to block. Personally as long as i have done the job according to my description and the initial instructions i dont accept cancellation requests (cancelling would only be allowing myself to be exploited again and again). If the conversation get heated just take a break and give a diplomatic response once your calm (replying when angry is a bad idea as you dont want to give them any ammunition against you if they decide to get cs involved).

I’ve seen this kind of thing on the forum before and when it comes to writing gigs, the best response I have seen so far is this: POST somewhere else, first! Have your own blog of stuff, or get a friend to put it on their blog or something. Just get it out there before your bad buyer does. That way, if it’s used online you can get them for using it without permission and Google will punish their site (according to what I’ve read here on the forums).

As for the bad buyer, I agree that Customer Support could be helpful. Ensure that you take screenshots of the conversation to upload with your ticket and remember to be cordial – Fiverr will favor the polite, professional party; hopefully that’s you!

As for blocking them… No, unfortunately that’s not yet an option here. I wish, though!
I think you can report them so they can’t contact you without an active gig, though.

I had one buyer with whom I had originally created custom offers (for much cheaper than my gigs were advertised, as I’m a newer seller). When the buyer acted rudely and demanded more than agreed to (and this was AFTER giving the buyer a large discount), I refused to create a custom offer and raised the price on my gigs. If the buyer wants to bother me so much then the least they can do is pay me handsomely while they do it. I also directed the buyer to check out other sellers who may be able to help them better, and for less money, than I (our squabble was related to pricing and how much work the buyer’s $5 was worth).

I would suggest you ask specifically what is wrong with the order such that the buyer wants to cancel. Ask them to articulate it – say it’s so you can understand their needs and fix it (offer a revision again), or it’s because you want to learn and grow, or whatever sounds profession – and if they refuse screenshot it and send it to Customer Support because THAT is a person trying to scam you and their refusal to explain themselves makes them uncooperative and scammy.

So sorry you’re dealing with all that. I hope the rest of your buyers treat you right!