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Can you build a subscribers' list off fiverr?


Hi guys,

I don’t know if anyone have heard of that somewhere, if any internet marketer is working a lot on fiverr but…

I want to know, can I build a subscribers’ list off my fiverr buyers? Every time they would order a gig, I would specify to go to the squeeze page made for the specific gig to get more information + a video showing them what information to put into their gig for me to complete the gig faster.

Also, i’d send them a monthly newsletter of my recent gigs. That could bring thousands of orders very fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I thought of a fiverr affiliate program, I don’t know if the fiverr team would be interested into coding that but i’m sure if people can build an email list off their fiverr customers, then promoting other people’s gigs in exchange of a 10-15% commission, that would be crazy stuff :wink:

So my question here is: Can I build an email list off my fiverr buyers to keep them updated? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,

Jimmy :slight_smile:


Fiverr’s TOS prohibits contacting each other outside of the site. There’s ways to work around stuff, but of course I can’t say it here. :slight_smile:


You idea is brilliant though. Seeing how you can build trust, loyalty, and referrals. :slight_smile: