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Can you charge for items not included in gig outside fiverr?

So i used the search function but didnt really find out. Im sorry if its a common question.

If i sell a service to find and ship certain items where the service i offer on Fiverr is to locate and ship but not the items themselves. Am i then allowed to get paid for the items outside Fiverr or do you have to bake that cost into the gig to not break the policy? Will Fiverr insist to take a cut of the cost for them items the buyer request?

Thank you so much


Bake the cost in the gig :slight_smile: its much easier that way

Well, yes but would also have to overcharge more then 20% for all the items + delivery beside the service i initially offered as fiver will take that in commision? That is why i wonder as some things could suddenly become to expensive to be able to offer through the platform.

You’re not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr, and you’re not allowed to take payment outside of Fiverr. Otherwise you risk getting permanently banned.

They might. That’s why most sellers don’t sell/ship physical items via Fiverr.


In addition to what has been advised suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

There is a whole section on Shipping Physical Deliverables

Everything is explained there in great detail.

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I’m sorry, but this kind of service really isn’t suited to Fiverr. You would risk losing your account for arranging any aspect of delivery off Fiverr. On top of that, you will risk being scammed on Fiverr by people who order your service, only to later reverse payment after delivery.

Really, you need to look at offering services that do not require physical delivery of anything, especially high-value items.


Maybe check if it’s okay to add an extra when an order has been placed to cover the cost of the product you need to purchase for the buyer (that they have asked you to purchase).

eg. maybe say in the description that your gig price covers the service you provide but that the cost of the item being purchased will be added as an extra. Assuming that’s okay re: TOS etc.

edit: Unles you could build it into your gig package prices, with the basic package used for the cheapest items, standard and premium for more expensive products.