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Can you cheat bad buyer?

I have a situation. The buyer told me to draw a caricature for him, but he wants to look like the person in the picture. Anyone who knows what a caricature is, a distorted image of a person with exaggerated expressive parts, cannot be identical, unless a portrait is made with a large head and a small body. I did that, but he didn’t like it and sent me the ORDER DISPUTE. I refused and I asked for a reason? The reason is that he still wants a caricature but wants looks like that person. Ok I did it and the customer sends me the ORDER DISPUTE again. Then I asked him to tell me exactly what he wanted me to change. (then the countdown time disappears, and on Dashboard write - Status Delivered (If I sent him the picture again, time would start to run out for me and he could refuse again)). The customer sends me a message that he does not like the mouth as it looks in the caricature, but still stands Status Delivered. Above it says as always:
If I do nothing and those 3 days pass, the order will end up as Complete?
Will Fiver haunt me even if I did not one, but send to buyer two completely different pictures for the same money?
Is my time and effort not valued but only the money of customers?

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its very complicated situation. it must be reported to fiverr to make any decision.

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If nothing happens, yes, it will be completed. (If the buyer does dispute again, I suggest sending them this:

Shouldn’t happen, no, but be sure to block this buyer after the funds have been cleared in about 3 weeks.

This is… difficult to answer. Your time and talent are valuable, yes, but Fiverr is a business, with all the problems that come with.

(I do suggest that you add a FAQ that defines what a revision is per gig.)