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Can you check my gig

I am a new seller. Any experts pls check my gig, and let me know its perfect or not…


I have checked out your gigs and I would like to advise a few things:

Firstly, your general description about yourself is in capitals. This makes it look like you are “screaming” this text.

Secondly, you 2 of your gigs have the same illustration, which is not allowed by Fiverr.

Thirdly, I would advise you to use capital at the beginning of sentences and use punctuations. And use a translating tool or have someone look at your texts because the english spelling is not correct. I understand that english is not your native language, but spelling mistakes make your gigs look unprofessional, especially because you are offering writing gigs.

I am sorry that I have so many points; I hope you understand that I am trying to help you with this.

I wish you lots of wonderful sales on Fiverr.

kindest regards,


thank you mam…i will followup this problem…

This may help:

If you are worried about your spelling and grammar, see my listing at

English is not an easy language. A few months ago, my grammar was not good, then I used nonplus. I improved my knowledge through this tool.