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Can you check my images and my gig in general

Hello, I would just like to receive some feedback on my gig. I am getting 1.9k reviews but I have only received 2 orders plus I have 14 clicks. I would love to know if there is something that I can do to improve my offering and hopefully get more orders.


@shadow513 are you exchanging your gigs on Facebook groups!!! if you are doing that, as a result, you get impressions but no clicks. or did not doing that. that’s mean, your keyword placement is good. but you have to work on your gig image. maybe it is not eye-catchy.

hope you will understand. :relieved: have a great day :innocent:

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Considering your gig is essentially graphic design, your main picture is pretty terrible. You have an Adobe Spark watermark on the lower right (unprofessional), your text is too crowded, too close to the edge, and too small to even guess at in a thumbnail (how most potential customers will first see you, on an internal Fiverr search page), and the wrong color entirely. I find the “before” logo in the bottom right infinitely more professional-looking than the “after” / 3D, and that’s really problematic. Use a white background, black text, center the image or take up a full half of the image with your example icon(s). You’re selling a look, not a description, and the text is eating up most of the real estate here.

In addition to the images from successful gigs that may get added to your gig page portfolio scroll if your client allows them, you have three image spaces in your gig you could be showing off your work - so why aren’t you? All I see is that badly-composed main gig image. If an artist can’t come up with three small pieces of $5 work to show off, as a client I wouldn’t be inclined to hire them. What I’m getting at here is a sentiment of “I’m paying you to sell (or support the selling of) my product/concept and you can’t even sell yourself.”


You can check this out I am asking about getting first order - #2 by vickiespencer

Wow! That was hard to read. Thank you for you feedback. I will take your advice on board and today I will change the images.

Can I ask why does my 3d logo look unprofessional?

I also was looking at other gigs in the same niche to make my gig images and alot of them had alot of writing on them. But I will take your advice and change my gig images.

By they way I don’t exchange my gig on Facebook. I got a 5 star review once and that upped my ranking.

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Please understand that none of it was meant to hurt your feelings, I genuinely want to see people succeed on here and beating around the bush for stuff like this doesn’t help you. The composition of your main gig image is what’s really hurting you - before and after transitions, at least in my admittedly American eyes, go left to right, never bottom to top, least of all on an image that is divided by halves. It’s visually confusing and I don’t think it’s giving people the impression you’d like it to the way it’s structured right now.

Just because a lot of people are doing something one way in your niche doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re doing it correctly. Sure, you can filter by people with the most reviews and take some hints from trends you see there, but best practices still apply. I am also visually disabled, so I am more prone than most to notice text issues in terms of visual display - if I cannot clearly read the text on your image, or even just a line of it, from the thumbnail view, I’m moving on to the next seller. You could potentially be costing yourself sales without realizing it.

I get where you are coming from. I am glad you where honest with what is wrong with it. I would rather someone be honest and brutal than say that everything is fine and then I don’t improve.

Also thanks for giving me good feedback and taking your time to respond.

My pleasure, friend. Get some more of your best work in there and start locking down some great jobs. :slight_smile:

Also, your bio sounds…like you’re unsure of yourself.

I am a blender artist based in the UK. I normally do low poly work as it is simplers and takes less time. However, I think that realistic work looks better and I am doing more of that work now - it’s got grammar and punctuation errors and it’s basically saying “I don’t like to work hard, but I guess I can if you want me to.” - not super inspiring, you know?

Try something more like -

"I’m [First Name], a blender artist working out of the UK. I’m skilled in both low poly and realistic work, and look forward to applying my design expertise to your business needs. If you have a unique project, large or small, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a quote. Thank you, and have a great day!"

It presents you as confident in your own skills, and it focuses on the proper element - the services you sell that people want to buy, rather than your feelings about types of work and desire to put in minimal effort.


I said '" if" :innocent: and I also said that if you not doing that. then work on your image. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Best of luck @shadow513