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Can you check this gis? I need your advice

Hello everyone, I am Obaid I have complete a few orders from this gig:
but recently I didn’t get any order even any knock from the buyer.
Gig impressions are going down also.
I had to cancel one order last month, but it was on another gig, I already deleted this gig. Is it happening for this cancellation?
What should I do now?

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In my experience, yes order cancellations affect gig ranking in the search. But I’m not really sure how it effects to your other gigs.

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yeah brother, I think so, but I already deleted this gig

As far as I know, Deleting a gig on which you got an order cancellation., doesn’t get rid of that affect from your account. As you have done only a few orders, even one single order cancellation affects so much on your profile.

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