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Can you contact a user directly to ask their experience?


I’ve had two messages come through to me asking whether I got results that were promised in a couple of gigs I purchased recently. I gave them my feedback.

I’ve wanted to do the same thing with users who have purchased a gig I’m thinking about ordering. Is it possible to contact them? I can’t see any way to make contact, so how did they get to me?


You have notifications and inbox section where you can ask them and you can also ask him through his gig (if he has gig) by pressing “contact me”.


I’ve had someone contacting me to ask about a gig I reviewed. As I’m a seller too, they just needed to click my username in the review to be able to contact me.

I didn’t like it and wouldn’t do it myself, I think it’s if not a breach of ToS (though it probably is, contacting random people may fall under ‘spamming’), at least a breach of etiquette. It put me in a weird position. I wrote a review, they had my stance on the gig already as far as I was willing to give my opinion out to the public/strangers.


It is considered spam.


It’s only possible to contact them if they’re sellers, too, and have active gigs.


I was talking to a repeat client a month ago, and while I was talking to her, she said some guy kept on messaging her asking her about the reviews she had left for me, if they were real, and if I was good and if she was happy with what she got. She messaged me “who is this guy who keeps asking about you?”

So apparently some do ask about sellers. I would be tempted to if I were going to spend a lot on a gig.


Buyers leave reviews for products/services they’ve purchased on sites like Amazon etc.

Would you contact a buyer there to find out their opinion? It’s really kind they’ve left a review for a seller - they may be tempted to stop leaving reviews if other buyers start contacting them. :wink:


I have done that a few times, so the answer is yes. They can ignore me if they choose to. Some people, like me, are open to communicating in this way and some aren’t.

It wouldn’t bother me if someone wanted a reference for a seller. Since this type of communication is against fiverr’s rule I wouldn’t do it.


Not on Fiverr, since the only buyers you can contact are sellers and have to reply for the sake of their response rate.

In my case, it was someone who wanted to ask me about the gig I´d reviewed, one in your category, and I find it rather impolite to expect people to talk about personal things like that to complete strangers. I don´t feel like giving out details about gigs or sellers beyond what I write in a review.


I’m a seller too so it makes sense they just clicked on the contact button. Thanks all for responses.