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Can you copy this website and rebrand it?


Can you go to grocery store and take all vegetables?

When people will understand that this is illegal?

And ultimate level irritating for web developer when you ask that…


If its based on a publicly available free template: why not?

Different situation when it is full custom, copyrighted and company that is using this is worldwide known…

And i don’t use templates, why do something that looks same on thousands of website, when you can make something unique.


Of course, but the hard truth is, many buyers don’t care about originality. They want to “look like” or “look exactly like”. If its a public template or a template that the customer can buy, why not? I think there is a way to know which template the website is using, if I am not mistaking? I am saying this because maybe you may lose a chance for order with this.

But if the website is original, and you cannot cover yourself legally, of course you should decline.

Yea but they never ask about templates. They ask about big companies always. This is how it looks everytime:

Customer: Hey bro! I like this coca-cola website, can you copy it and just put my brand on it?

Me in my mind: Yeah of course! I want to pay 50000$ fine for your dumb 25$ order and experience prison for 2 years :smiley:


Yeas, it sucks. Sometimes in order to cover ourselves and dont lose a chance for order, we are obliged to educate the buyer of the possible and the impossible. It comes with the job. :slight_smile:

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And many times, they just go away and find someone uneducated enough to do it. There are many of them on Fiver.

@michal247, Fiverr used to ignore when sellers offered shady (to put it mildly) services, and those contacting you might think that it’s still the case, especially since there are sellers who would do it and wouldn’t understand why they shouldn’t do it. Or just wouldn’t care. And then, if you’re lucky, you might get to see some fun on the forum: a buyer complaining that a seller who accepted to do something illegal or unethical turned out to be dishonest, or a seller complaining that the buyer who hired them to do something dishonest turned out to be a scammer.


Yea and this is my tip for other web developers or any other freelancer actually. Don’t take orders when somebody describes his order like that “I need website similiar to this” because nobody of that type of clients know what similiar means.

I agree with you, and it is frustrating. As a writer, I get regular requests to “write an article just like this one.” That’s plagiarism. I don’t do that! People in general have a very poor idea of information and intellectual property rights when it comes to the online world.


Yes! and this is just disrespectful for us as we are passionate about our work. Not here for just copy/paste work…

To requests like that, I respond that I can use that article for information and inspiration, but that I’m going to write a new one.

Or, in different cases, I have to explain that no, I can’t put copyrighted superhero characters into a video script advertising their locksmith business.