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Can you deliver gig in fiverr before end time Duration

Hi Fiverr Community as i was say can I deliver the gig in order page before ending

I have basic gig with 5$ and I set Delivery time in 2 Days , I was finished that order in 2 hour !
can I deliver that order before Ending Delivery time …

thanks so much
sorry for my bad english :laughing::laughing:

Yes you can. But make sure your delivery is perfectly completed. always try to deliver fast but 100% perfect.
Buyers value their time. :timer_clock:

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Hi there
Thanks for sharing your concern.

Of course you can deliver. What I would suggest is sending a message and offering the buyer a deal where you will deliver faster for 5$ for example.

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you can deliver your work anytime even right after the order has started (obviously that wont happen) :smiley:

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