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Can you find your gig?

Is this happening to you, too?

Last 8 days I have not received any order to any of my 13 gigs, which I used to get at least 5 to 15 orders per week. Since this was very strange I didn’t believe it was a coincidence and did a search for all my keywords, high ratings, even my Fiverr user name and have found out I no longer exist on Fiverr. So, people who are looking for my gig by “popular, high rating, by any of my keywords or even by my name” cannot find me. In the meantime I have been promoting my Fiverr site on social media for nothing.

Do a keyword, category, high rating, etc, searches for yourself on Fiverr see if you can find yourself. And if you can’t, probably nobody can.

This may be the reason sales are down. Again, I am not sure if it is me or others have the same experience.

Wrote to Fiverr but haven’t heard anything yet. -

The Fiverr algorithm is arbitrary, I used to be first row with book titles, but now I’m on the high-rating row before you click “load more.” Other gigs are on the first row. Who gets to be on top depends on many factors beyond our control. I would consider looking at your tags and seeing if there’s any you can change. It’s ironic I’m giving you advice, since you’re my competition :slight_smile:

But as Ayn Rand teaches, “A creative man is motivated by the desire to succeed, not the desire to beat others.” There’s more than enough work for everyone, besides, I always tell the occasional angry buyer: “If you think what I did is bad, go ahead and hire someone else, see if they can do it better.” Frankly, thinks like brand names are so personal that I would tell all buyers to hire more than one copywriter for that.

In the real world when a client is looking for a new advertising agency, several agencies compete, some even have to earn the right to give a presentation by submitting boring red tape full of questions. Luckily for me, that’s not my area of advertising. I just do the copy.

Thank you.

According to Fiverr if you have 3 denied gigs in 12 months you won’t show up in search results.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you.

According to Fiverr if you have 3 denied gigs in 12 months you won’t show up in search results. - See more at:

Reply to @creativeslogans: Have you had any gigs denied? I only got my Amazon book review gig denied months after I created it over the word Amazon. Then I created 2 more gigs like that and were denied as well. Eventually I created a gig without the word Amazon, but it barely made it on the search results and I got tired of reviewing books anyway (no growth potential there).

So your situation is surprising. I would email CS. I can tell you that most of my gigs show in the search results.

Reply to @creativeslogans:

It’s always best to be familiar with the rules – before a seller creates a gig. That way, they’ll have nothing to worry about then it comes to gigs being denied. :wink: