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Can you get rid of a negative review?


On one of my gigs i had 5 stars but one person left a not so good review and im not sure why and it brought my stars down a little bit. Is there any way to remove them?


@kjblynx i have and have not gotten a response.


You can talk with the buyer and see if he/she wants to cancel, maybe both of you can reach an understatement (also you can ask him/her to give you an explanation). If that doesn’t work and you think the feedback is unfair I think you can talk with Customer Service. If neither option works, then you should have a LOT of more sales.


I recommend you learn from experience and move on, if it is fair of course. If not, then talk with Customer Service, because buyers shouldn’t be like that. Hope to be of help.


Customer Service is not as helpful as everyone else claims them to be. You’re better off just trying to get in touch with the buyer.


Reply to @surfdude001: Eh, when I started over 3+ years ago, they used to be REALLY helpful. Lately, not so much. Just a lot of canned responses and to “work it out with the buyer” even if the buyer is clearly trying to scam me.


Best way is to talk with the buyer. If not, you may request customer service.


Reply to @freelancemm: I totally agree with you. I used to find their support team to be very helpful and a true resource… Now? Not so much.


Reply to @surfdude001: I think their main issue is they grew too fast and didn’t get the proper amount of staff to compensate for it so they have a very small team trying to handle hundreds of tickets not giving them enough time to actually analyze the ticket, unfortunately. I hope it’s dealt with sooner rather than later as it’s getting to be quite frustrating.


Reply to @freelancemm: It’s become a big enough issue that I’ve decided that I am leaving Fiverr 100% as soon as I find employment. This started out as a sideline thing for me, while I was in high school. I don’t have time to be stressing out over “a bad review.” Especially if Fiverr won’t even support me enough to even consider removing the review.


Reply to @surfdude001: It hasn’t been too big of an issue for me anymore now that mutual cancellations don’t effect us. I just usually don’t spend a lot of time for $5 and it makes the mutual cancellation that much easier. I rarely get a cancellation on orders where users order the extras as those are usually the worthwhile buyers that aren’t trying to take advantage of you. Now if they buy all of your extras out of the blue you should be a bit worried. I’m actually confident that eventually they will at least make the “bad review” a little less harsh.


@wegotshoutouts try to contact the buyer and try to come to a reasonable agreement this is where your customer service plays a big role. good luck!