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Can you give Any Suggestion about my Gig?


I’m new at here. I’m doing Vector tracing & Background Removal
do have you any suggestion for me?

Help needed gigs

For the background removal gig:

  • The title of “I will remove background remove images” could be improved. Maybe “I will do background removal” or similar.

  • The package descriptions don’t match the what it says in the “# of images”. (eg. it says “100 images background remove” but under that it says “10” (not 100) in the “# of images”).

  • It might not be a good idea to have unlimited revisions

  • In the text “using
    manual selection and advance techniques.” - maybe put on 1 line and changed “advance” to “advanced”.

  • You could show examples of the before and after images (before and after background removal).

Also, check and post offers in the buyer requests for relevant requests.


ok thanks.
I’ll try it.


Your Gig images are bland. They don’t stand out! Maybe spruce those up to lure in potential buyers. :pineapple: