Can you give bad rating to a cancelled order?


A seller hasnt delivered the work in due time, now I know I can request my money back but, what happens to his rating?
Will it affected?


the only thing that will be affected is the order completion rating


The system will automatically insert a one star (negative) rating on that seller’s profile if you cancel the order.

btw, did you tried a pro sellers, who wanted to rip off you?:thinking:


If the seller is at least 24 hours late, the system will allow you to cancel order without seller permission. In that case, it will leave an automatic, computer generated 1 star review with “Canceled Order. Seller failed to deliver on time.”

He can deliver, even late, up to 24 hours. At that point you can accept, request revision or request cancellation. If you request cancellation, the seller has right to refuse (you’ll need his permission).

Edit: Why do you seem anxious to leave bad rating? I really hate the thought of leaving bad rating. Matter of fact, people have gotten mad at me for not doing so. Yes, I’ve had bad experiences but here’s what I did:

  1. When I was given stolen material, (it happened twice) reported them to CS. No review needed.

  2. Seller failed to deliver, yes, I took my money back - typically up to 48 hours later, when seller failed to communicate with me. System generated 1 star. That was last resort.


Being an avid buyer and a seller I completely use a negative review as my last resort. Out of my many purchases I’ve never once gave feedback less than 5 stars.

But - I do research before I purchase anything from anyone.


I’m not anxious but I’m kinda mad because I’ve been waiting for him 5 days which is long enough for an illustration, in this time I couldve hired someone else but I was waiting on him, he wasted my time.


Did you agree upon a timeframe for your artwork to be completed? If your seller is taking longer than expected you can send him a message notifying him/her of the situation.


3 days he wont answer


Send a polite final message explaining him that if he doesn’t respond to your inquiries you will leave him with a negative review.

Don’t forget, if you want to be able to leave him with a review you’ll have to let him keep the payment.


if you refund money, it will not affect seller rating but increase order cancellation rating on his profile :slight_smile: