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Can you give me a better word for "Clone"?

I need a better word for clone. Thank you


Maybe “re-create” could work better

Copy would work.

I notice this is already committed to the URL mind, which may have an effect on the SEO.

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But I think it’s working fine for search.

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It may be fine - but just wanted to make you aware

re-create I think not much better.

You are asking the wrong question. Clone as you have used it is fine. People rarely say anything other than “I want to clone my WordPress install, etc.”

What you need to ask is why do people clone websites. - Usually, it is to MIGRATE them to a new server. In this case, I’d keep clone but add the word Migrate.


I think you can use move, migrate, and transfer.

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Thanks man. These are good

Okay thanks. I only wanted suggestion

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