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Can you give me a small review on my profile and logo design Gig?


Please give me a small review or some advice about my profile and logo making gig. I have it for like 2 months now but I do not get any orders. I even tryed the buyer requests but with no luck. Please help!


Your profile is good keep it up.


@lazadavid your profile is good, what you can do is make sure to use your buyer requests wisely and keep sending buyer requests so others may know you exist, when sending buyer request, make sure to incorporate your intro, what you will be doing, your previous work, your expertise and a guess of how long and how much you will charge for providing your services and make sure to let your buyers know to contact you so you can discuss and negotiate with them.

If you were getting some orders and now you don’t what you can do (not guaranteed) you can send kind of special proposal to your previous buyers letting them know that its a special occasion for me and I’m giving 20-30% off for my services, its a good way to get 1 or 2 orders back :slight_smile: I’ve tried this, there is no harm in trying :slight_smile:

bottom line, just be responsible, people expect great work from you and you should meet their expectations and needs, deliver on time and deliver awesome work, you will get orders soon, just don’t loose your heart, keep up mate, I believe in you :slight_smile:


Thank’s for reply. :grinning:


Thank you for your answer! I’ll try what you suggested with the buyer requests even more. I hope I’ll get some orders. :wink:


@lazadavid hope you do well :slight_smile: keep up the spirit man :+1:


I’ll do! Thank’s!:relaxed:


Hi, @lazadavid, I really apologize to say but your gig images terrible and also your description is not good. Kindly design some images from a graphic designer and write a nice description with numbers and bullets.