Can you give me pointers on my gig?



I’m new to Fiverr and have so far had two orders! It’s exciting, but I want to expand my business and get more orders. Would anyone be willing to look over my gig and give me critique on how to improve it to get more impressions/clicks/orders?


Hello Josh!

If you use the search bar in the top right of this forum, you will find lots of advice on getting started here on Fiverr. Things like how to utilise buyers requests, how to get your first order, how to market your gig, e.t.c.

Your gig looks perfect to me!

I’d be careful putting the hours you’re available in your gig description, though. Potential buyers will expect you to be online all the time during those hours, but something might come up meaning this isn’t the case. You could delete it, I suppose, but if you forget it could lead to upset buyers.

This isn’t necessary, but you might also want to consider talking a little bit about your experience in the gig description. From what I can see, it only entails what you can offer them, but not what qualifies you to offer it to them.

If you’re not getting regularly orders, you could try switching up your tags every now and again, too. Think about what you’d search to find your gig in the search results. And use all five tags offered. You’re new to the website, though, so to a degree, it is just about being patient.


This is great feedback! I hadn’t thought about the negatives of posting my hours (I only saw it as a positive and didn’t think of the reverse). You’re right about the experience as well. I’ll get it polished up right away. Thank you so much!


No worries! I wouldn’t have thought about it unless I’d had buyers who expected me to be online constantly, either. If sellers contact you asking when’s best to talk about placing an order, you could talk about times you’re available for the next few days/week then. That’s what I’ve done with a seller who contacted me asking that today.

Good luck!