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Can you give me some suggestions?

Hi, I started work on Fiverr since 3 weeks ago, I posted a gig and in 2 weeks, it increased a lot of views and clicks, on the third week, I got my first order in my lifetime. How can I get more orders? And how to make $1000 a week like anyone else? Can you give me some tips on how to improve your gig? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Here is my gig:


help me to solve my problem(please)

Why you need portrait artworks?

  • It will let you feel comfortable

  • Discover the beauty of your life

  • Make your life even happier

  • Discover the beauty of yourself

Are you always feel that “I’m ugly”?Are you always feel your life is like bullshit? Don’t be inferiority, you are beautiful actually. You may order one and help yourself to discover the beauty of life, I may also give you some advice about how to be happier.

You can order when I am offline, I will see it and deliver it quickly, you will be satisfied.

NOTICE: The first ten orders will get a source file for free!!!

Why choose me?

  • I will let you be satisfied

  • Unique design idea

  • Vector Graphics

  • Bright colors

  • Free Background

  • You can choose 72 PPI or 300 PPI

  • Reply and delivery as quick as possible

  • Friendly Communications

  • Great customer service

Thanks for choosing me, Hope you will have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey there! Your art is gorgeous, but your bio needs to be deleted and redone from scratch. It is too wordy and contains unprofessional language. The word “bullsh_t” in particular is vulgar and should be omitted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your bio should just contain the specifications of your work (dimensions, delivery time, when to contact you, etc), and i would get rid of the multiple sections where you explain how art will improve your buyer’s life. It reads as unnatural and disingeuine.

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you can share your experince social media.

How about now? Is this better than before?

yep I know that, but I don’t have a lot of friends in social media

Does everyone make 1000 dollars a week as you say? I think it is an exeption and something to look up to more than a rule. I’d be grateful to have my statement disproved

Who says that every one make 1000 dollars? Only top rated or Pro sellers make 1000$. You have to come up with evidence.

Much better! If it’s possible to upload samples to your gig showing the difference between basic, medium and pro packages that would prob also work in your favor. Great job!

I don’t think “like a fantastic artwork” is a good enough justification for $100 for flat vector portrait. You’ll need to come up with a better package description for people to understand what is included and why it costs what it costs.

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Thank you so much !!!

Read gig research post on fiverr forum. And be unique to make your gig. Best of luck

how you reach that much impression on your gig?