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Can you give me some tips on how can I promote my GIG?


I am having very poor number of views and clicks. What should I do to increase both views &clicks?


Start by creating a profile of your ideal buyer: age, income, profession, hopes, fears, etc.

Go back to your Gig and edit it so that it appeals to such people, and better addresses their needs.

Once you know more about your ideal buyer, you should have a better idea as to where they’re located and how you can help them. Use creative methods to position yourself around them and communicate your important sales message.


Thankyou for the precious reply!


promoting your gig depend on your gig category for ex. if you are a graphic designer try to promote your gig in graphic design related facebook grope (do not do spam ),
or you can run reddit adds


Thank you. Appreciated.


Promote your GIGs in social platforms on daily basis with a targeted no. of people.