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Can you give me some tips to get more orders?

I only receive orders from Buyer Requests. Can you give me some tips to get more orders?

This is my gig:
(It’s the first post on this forum)


Make your gig interesting, keep patience. Hopefully you will get sales


Thanks .I have seen some people edit the gig description every day to appear in the recommended. This is true?

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From what I’ve read in the forums: any edits made will actually lower your visibility, as the edits have to be approved.

As for the gig(s):
Fiverr does not permit usage of their logo in gig images nor profile images.
The description is all in bullet points only, which is very strange.
Check your gigs from your profile. What you see there is what potential buyers will first see. Many of your images are cropped in unflattering ways.
…The body-trimming gig is just weird. (And the two actual samples not very good.)

On the plus, your profile description is quite nice.

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